Healthcare & Educational Facilities


Hospital Operating RoomThe performance of a hospital’s infrastructure, including chillers, boilers, electrical and medical gas systems, is essential to its ability to provide quality patient care on a daily basis.  Vanguard works with hospitals to assess the performance, durability and condition of their facilities’ capital assets to ensure efficient operation at full capacity.  Our ability to solve facility infrastructure problems helps our customers provide continuous system functionality and adequately prepare for future expansion.

  • Vanguard provides the complete spectrum of total infrastructure solutions, including planning, design, finance, implementation and support.
  • Vanguard has more than 50 years of experience in infrastructure solutions.
  • Hospitals with a more efficient infrastructure have the potential to realize cost savings of 15-25% and reduce the risk associated with system failure.
  • Nationwide, hospitals are expected to spend $15-20 billion per year on construction projects.  Vanguard helps hospitals position themselves for future facility expansion by incorporating asset planning into current construction and renovation projects.



University ClassroomThe modernization of campus infrastructure and energy systems presents significant opportunities for higher education facilities to attract new students and reduce utility, operation and maintenance costs. Most institutes of higher education must deal with a patchwork of old and new equipment, varying levels of operational efficiency and the lack of a campus energy management system to control overall energy use.

Campus energy conservation policies and infrastructure play a role in the ability of schools to attract and recruit undergraduate and graduate students. Increasing awareness of environmental impact and the need for energy and infrastructure development has created a generation of students considering environmental impact as part of their decision-making. Vanguard can develop infrastructure and energy efficiency plans such as reduced lighting, electricity, fuel consumption and water use.  These plans provide a cost effective roadmap for education institutions to provide a quality-learning environment for faculty, staff and students.

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